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Flight Deals to Bali:

Cheap Flights to Denpasar (Bali)

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Surabaya24 December25 DecemberTickets from 75
Kuala Lumpur29 February2 MarchTickets from 91
Labuan Bajo12 January13 JanuaryTickets from 92
Jakarta12 December15 DecemberTickets from 108
Singapore19 March22 MarchTickets from 140
Ho Chi Minh City22 January26 JanuaryTickets from 151
Manila28 February29 FebruaryTickets from 154
Praya25 December27 DecemberTickets from 162
Hanoi1 February5 FebruaryTickets from 179
Nha Trang13 December18 DecemberTickets from 188
Bangkok14 September16 SeptemberTickets from 201
Phu Quoc16 December20 DecemberTickets from 204
Hong Kong5 January11 JanuaryTickets from 207
Cebu City17 January22 JanuaryTickets from 213
Kuala Namu3 January9 JanuaryTickets from 213
Da Nang13 December18 DecemberTickets from 216
Taipei16 January19 JanuaryTickets from 228
Hat Yai29 February6 MarchTickets from 238
Shanghai5 January11 JanuaryTickets from 251
Krabi8 January11 JanuaryTickets from 251
Caticlan23 January27 JanuaryTickets from 252
Chiang Mai1 March5 MarchTickets from 257
Tambolaka11 December14 DecemberTickets from 259
Guangzhou24 February28 FebruaryTickets from 264
Perth12 August18 AugustTickets from 265
Delhi15 April21 AprilTickets from 277
Bandar Seri Begawan28 January30 JanuaryTickets from 280
Tokyo11 December17 DecemberTickets from 297
Seoul5 March11 MarchTickets from 297
Colombo16 January20 JanuaryTickets from 300
Osaka19 December23 DecemberTickets from 304
Beijing2 March8 MarchTickets from 323
Tianjin16 January21 JanuaryTickets from 332
Chengdu12 December17 DecemberTickets from 332
Qingdao21 February25 FebruaryTickets from 342
Kolkata22 January27 JanuaryTickets from 347
Surat Thani13 December14 DecemberTickets from 362
Melbourne8 February11 FebruaryTickets from 367
Busan14 January19 JanuaryTickets from 416
Dili28 January30 JanuaryTickets from 451
Sydney1 April5 AprilTickets from 454
Male18 January19 JanuaryTickets from 481
Yanji18 December20 DecemberTickets from 507
Jieyang15 December17 DecemberTickets from 542
Dubai16 January22 JanuaryTickets from 547
Sanya14 January18 JanuaryTickets from 548
Saint Petersburg20 April25 AprilTickets from 682
Geneva12 December18 DecemberTickets from 929
Athens16 December21 DecemberTickets from 934
Cape Town14 February16 FebruaryTickets from 952
Nadi26 January27 JanuaryTickets from 989
Algiers1 February4 FebruaryTickets from 1 106
Munich16 December21 DecemberTickets from 1 112
Tunis25 February29 FebruaryTickets from 1 136
Madrid29 December2 JanuaryTickets from 1 193
Dallas17 April23 AprilTickets from 1 493


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